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“As Seen in Your Wildest Dream

  Lost Treasures of the Underworld/Feeding Tube MC

A tape project that has been in the works for awhile. One that was never quite clear how it would ultimately manifest itself until it had been completed.  When Byron & Ted sent me the recordings I was so blown away at first listen to find such lovely sounding & deeply thoughtful poetry in the form of record reviews & Byron’s many memories of being in San Francisco & New York during the golden hour of punk rock, no-wave, free-jazz and more.  But this isn’t just some spoken-word-books-on-tape-podcast… THIS-IS-FREE-JAZZ!! Byron’s compelling narration smoothly drifts along as Ted Lee perfectly captures the mood by guiding us thru the thick ambience with an assortment of unknown instruments and sounds, with thick but delicate brush strokes. Honestly, I can’t think of any other people who just naturally have it in their blood to a make a record that could sound like this – connecting the ears to the heart. Here’s to hoping that we can get this legendary duo to delight us with more spontaneous & poetic/harmonic beauty in the future!

Lost Treasures of the Underworld is thrilled to release this very special cassette with Feeding Tube Records. She’s a lovely edition of only 150 copies!   – Lost Treasures of the Underworld

$8.00 + Shipping

    “Tom Derwent (major domo of the Lost Treasures of the Underworld label) was in a bit of a pickle. In order to win a bet, he had drunkenly told a friend his next release would be “an ode to the power of Mouth Breathing Baldies” (MBBs in the parlance of the day). This was a stone lie, but it set him to thinking about what sort of release might interest the the MBB community. After a few more drinks, he decided it should be a spoken word plus jazzy percussion session, somewhere between Beryl Williams’ Giggles for Guzzlers and Hal Blaine’s Psychedelic Percussion.

When he googled “MBB underground” he discovered he actually knew two members of this sub-group, Ted Lee and myself. Sheepishly, Tom asked if Ted and I would assist him in winning this bet, and we told him, “sure.” As long as we got a cut of the loot. He agreed, and the session was “on.” I chose a few pieces I’d written with a musical focus, Ted polished his rims and cymbals until they glowed, and then we hit the studio. The whole thing took about an hour, and we hope you dig the results. I was able to keep my persistent wheeze at a minimum, and only squeaked a couple of time. And Ted’s percussion is so sizzlin’, you’ll be asking yourselves — “where’s the fuckin’ bacon?” Anyway, here you go — a tape that answers questions very few people have dared to ask. Now let’s hope Derwent collects toot sweet and forks over some sweet ducats as promised. We did our bit!’
    –Byron Coley
Secret Tombs “Welcome to the Secret Tombs” Cassette

My Cat Is An Alien “HYPNOTHERAPY” Cassette

My Cat Is An Alien’s new full-length album “HYPNOTHERAPY” reimagines an entirely new spectrum of light (and dark) manifested in the form of an analog cassette on NYC based Lost Treasures of the Underworld records. As suggested by the title, this masterly crafted work of 100% “hypno-alien-therapy-music”, will induce you to relax your cracked soul floating in space in a sublime, trance-like state of consciousness, completely out of time and ordinary reality. – As they wander thru the vast distance of the multi-verse, MCIAA makes a rare visit to new far off world and offers us this glimpse. 

Details of the exact location and the year/month/day of this recording have been omitted. 

The transparent blue cassette comes out in an insane limited edition of 100 copies only, in full-color 6-panel J-card with artwork by Roberto Opalio and design by MCIAA.


(***Artist may still have copies available at )

Wharton Tiers “4 Track 77/83”

An archival release of resurfaced tapes from 77-83, giving us a glimpse of what was going on post-Theoretical Girls / pre-super-engineer-wizard! Saturated with synthesizers, drums machines, live drums and transistor radio broadcasts from outer space (and god)- over 40 minutes of unreleased music on 12 amazingly psychedelic tracks, a superscope soundtrack to your next extra dimensional journey. Special Edition of only 100 copies!

Special Edition: Sonique Musique! cassette tape with pink walkman

Don’t have a cassette player? Then this special edition is for you!
Limited Edition (of 3) comes with a pink Byron Statics walkman (with black earphones) & pink C60 cassette.

30 dollars, Plus $5 postage in the USA. 

Please email for international shipping cost. Tigers not included.

Vis Invis Electrique! “Electrique Kiss!” LP Edition of 300 ( Includes Free Download Code*)

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(Note: International customers – please contact us for shipping rates)

New Vis Invis Electrique! tape coming soon!
Nelson Slater’s “Prism of Time” cassette coming soon!

Featured Artist

Vis Invis Electrique! • Official Video

The new video for “Quarantine Dream (aka Cyborg Blues)” from the forthcoming Vis Invis Electrique! “Electrique Kiss!” LP


Curtis Chaos “Magic Dreams”   LP

“Magic Dreams” by the Curtis Chaos band (2nd Edition). This is a limited numbered-edition of only 100 copies w/ silk-screened & hand-stamped covers!

$15 ppd (USA)

Wharton Tiers Ensemble “Kaboom!”  LP

Wharton Tiers has been a part of the nyc music scene since 1977 when he answered an ad in the Village Voice and became the drummer for Theoretical Girls, a no wave group distinguished by the fact that all four members were composers, flash forward to the Wharton Tiers Ensemble’s new release “Kaboom!” seven vital instrumental explosions rooted in the vast language of a nearly infinite music, a rich tapestry of a long journey, powered by drums, guitars and sax! Deluxe edition of only 350 copies!

$25 ppd (USA)